499 & BSC First Online Anniversary Carnival Has Completed Successfully

7 min readSep 4, 2021

From the transaction volume and the user volume surpassing Ethereum, to the leading project TVL surpassing Uniswap, AAVE and other DeFi leading agreements, from imitating and introducing the Ethereum ecosystem to becoming the network of choice for emerging projects, BSC has gained tremendous progress in just one year. On September 2, 499 & BSC held the first online carnival, gathering more than a dozen of star projects in the industry to analyze and predict the BSC ecology in depth.

499&BSC online carnival has reached 53,000 of viewers, received 130+ global KOL publications, exceeded 6,000+ Twitter reposts, spreaded out to a total of 400+ communities in China and South Korea, and made impressions of 400,000+ people around the world. A total of 2,000 people from overseas telegram groups have participated in the event and airdrops activities of this live broadcast. A total of 13 projects have participated in this event, giving away airdrops worth of 10,000 USDT.

Overseas KOL Twitter Repost
Overseas KOL Twitter Repost
Overseas KOL Twitter Repost
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Some of the Guests’ Recording and Activities are as follows:

Jeff, BSC Asia Pacific Community Coordinator: GameFi has dominated the NFT world for about 80% of the projects

Jeff, the coordinator of the BSC Asia-Pacific community, said that NFT is booming this year, and the most influential trend is GameFi, which covers about 80% of the NFT world.

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was officially launched on September 2 last year. It has the characteristics of high speed and low fees. The peak data of addresses and transactions on the chain in 2021 have surpassed that of Ethereum.

Harmony co-founder Rongjian Lan: NFT data storage services will play an important role

Rongjian Lan, co-founder and CTO of Harmony, stated that GameFi is a very important application direction for NFT, which has created new opportunities for many people.

Regarding the development direction of NFT, Lan said that the original data storage of NFT will play an important role in the next few years, and it can ensure the long-term preservation of NFT.

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain network that serves the next generation of decentralized economy. The main network supports instant confirmation of state sharding. The on-chain fee is 100 times lower than that of Ethereum, and the transaction confirmation time is 2 seconds.

XCarnival CMO Vivi: Metaverse Asset Mortgage Lending Aggregation Platform

Vivi, CMO of XCarnival, said that security issues are a common challenge in the DeFi field, and XCarnival has been working hard to provide safe and efficient DeFi services.

XCarnival is a new type of mortgage lending platform for Metaverse assets. It provides mortgage lending services including various NFT assets and long-tail assets. It provides effective value release for encrypted assets. It is one of the infrastructure of Metaverse.

XCarnival supports multi-chain (BSC, Polygon, Solana) meta-universe assets. The core component XBroker’s first limited-time auction clearing mechanism solves the bottleneck of “difficult pricing, difficult liquidation, and difficult operation” in NFT mortgage lending. The core component Megabox focuses on the next mainstream generation. Currency mortgage lending, original pool-division mortgage rate setting model and risk control system, effectively provide liquidity release for long-tail assets and expand income exposure.

XCarnival will be officially launched in September.

Innovation Fund will increase investment in the blockchain industry.

Richard Wang, co-founder of Draper Innovation Fund, said: DraperDragon Innovation Fund is a venture capital fund founded in 2006 that focuses on cross-border high-tech professional investment. The investment areas are IT industry, smart manufacturing, biomedical, blockchain and digital assets. In recent years, investment projects in the blockchain field include digital asset exchange Coinbase, digital asset security solutions Ledger, NFT trading market MakersPlace, digital financial integrated service platform HKbitEX and other dozens of projects, and will increase the number of projects in the blockchain industry. Investment intensity.

Astrid Dang, Marketing Director of My DeFi Pet: My DeFi Pet hopes for long-term development

Astrid Dang, Marketing Director of GameFi Game My DeFi Pet, said that My DeFi Pet hopes to build and develop in the long term and will not make fun of the team’s reputation.

My DeFi Pet is a blockchain game that combines blockchain technology, Play2Earn, DeFi functions and NFT collections to enhance the traditional game experience. My DeFi Pet allows users to “play games to make money”. Each pet in the game is an NFT with a unique genetic code. They can be traded, mortgaged, borrowed or lent, and features such as pet personalization will be introduced in the future.

Qredo COO Josh Goodbody: Qredo is a brand new infrastructure

Decentralized asset management protocol Qredo COO Josh Goodbody said that Qredo is a brand new infrastructure and there is currently no competitor with the same innovation and services.

Josh said that Qredo provides a decentralized asset custody mechanism that allows institutional users to manage multiple assets without capital restrictions in one account, opening up new possibilities for security, settlement and minimizing counterparty risks.

According to Josh, Qredo has deployed its main network, including Layer 2 trading and settlement, decentralized custody, cross-chain swaps, and liquidity center. Next, I will work on the development of Qredo V2, make Qredo completely decentralized, and finally realize the flow of trillions of securitized assets on Qredo.

Mary Ma — Co-Founder of DeHero

DeHero is a decentralized GameFi application based on BSC. By staking NFT assets, users can unbox NFT card packs blind boxes, collect NFT roles, and do card mining with appropriate training strategies. As a result, users obtain DeHero’s governance token HEROES.
Users can trade NFT cards in the trading market. More application scenarios, such as NFT card battles and DAO community co-governance, will be opened soon.

Andy Lee - CMO of CryptoZoon

CryptoZoon is inspired by Pokemon Story, our mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.

Loki - VP&Marketing Director of ZOO-Crypto World

ZOO Crypto World (ZCW) is a GameFi/Play to Earn game based on the Binance Smart Chain which incorporates elements of gaming, NFTs and decentralized finance into one. Users can collect NFTs, enter into combat against other users and NPCs, and participate in traditional style defi farms — all for rewards. ZCW strives to continuously develop and deliver enhanced gameply.

Tam Huynh - COO of Plant vs Undead

Plant vs Undead (PVU) is a multiplayer tower defense game, where your plants are also your real asset.

Isabel, SheepDex Marketing Director: SheepDex will increase APR on the entire BSC chain

SheepDex Marketing Director Isabel said that the current development direction of DeFi is to pursue higher capital utilization. The next Dex competition will focus on how to gather liquidity and provide trading incentives.

Isabel said that SheepDex is the first DeFi product with spot and derivative products, and the first project to bring Uniswap V3’s inter-range liquidity supply to the BSC ecosystem, and has liquidity mining, transaction mining, and lower Incentives such as transaction fees will increase the APR on the entire BSC chain.

Isabel said that SheepDex’s design goals are ease of use, high capital utilization, anti-censorship, and high contract transactions. SheepDex is developing perpetual contract derivatives without capital rate. It will open the oracle machine to adjust the price, adjust the price through the oracle machine to make the price of the perpetual contract consistent with the spot price, eliminate the capital rate, and use the interval pending order system to solve the problem of derivatives. Issues of settlement and liquidation.

Dima, Director of CoPuppy Asia: BSC can bring more support to NFT/GameFi projects

Dima, the director of CoPuppy Asia, said that NFT is still in its early stages. NFT has attracted many non-encrypted users, brought vitality to the market, and will permanently become a part of the market.

Dima believes that BSC can bring more support to the BSC NFT/GameFi project, and MVB is a good example. Low handling fees can also achieve the perfect balance of NFT collection value and use value, bringing more users.

CoPuppy joined MVB III. On August 17, CoPuppy completed an initial seed round of financing of USD 1.5 million. The investors are well-known institutions Axia8 Ventures, Everest Ventures Group, Yield Guild Game (YGG) founder and angel investor Gabby Dizon, and Animoca Brands marketing director James.