499Block and Mining Company K Star Gold Foundation Reach Cooperative Partnership

499Block has announced a partnership with K Star Gold Foundation to promote blockchain technology and empower the traditional mining industry.
K Star Gold Foundation specializes in international gold development and gold production operation. The group’s gold reserves, economic efficiency, technology standard and talent advantages are among the top of the industry, and it has obtained the mining revenue rights of Jinbangliang gold polymetallic mine in Shaanxi Province, China, with a mineable area of 5.61 square kilometers and proven gold reserves of more than 3 tons.
K Star Foundation adopts blockchain technology to solve the challenges in the mining industry by issuing GDRT, a pass-through certificate anchored to a physical gold mine, which gives the holder 50% of the mining revenues from the mine.
After cooperating with 499Block, K Star Foundation will receive industry’s leading marketing, community and other services provided by 499Block.




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