Sidus - The First ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, and NFT Platform

6 min readDec 8, 2021


499Block:Hi Anthony, Would you make a self-intro before we go to the questions?


My name's Antony. My role in the SIDUS HEROES development process is Chief of External Affairs. It is my responsibility to build up a network of project supporters and find ways for us to collaborate and bring more value to our communities.

As for the other side, I’m also a COO for NFT STARS and SPACESWAP projects

499Block:That's great experience, awesome! Now our AMA officially starts. During ama, we will turn on the mute function. However, any questions about Sidus can be asked after the session.

Anthony:Let’s roll!

499Block:So the first question, Can you tell us what is special about Sidus? What is Sidus all about?

Anthony:SIDUS HEROES is a high-quality gaming metaverse that offers gaming scenarios for any taste and skill and multiple earning opportunities that can all be accessed from a browser in one click.

The key attribute that makes the project stand out is the team's approach to creating a high-quality, long-lived project with the longest possible operational period, ageless setting and easy-to-master gameplay. SIDUS HEROES positions itself as an AAA-level game and from the very beginning, the team set the bar high and aimed for AAA-level quality of content, graphics, gameplay, economic model and all other components of the game.

I hope you all like the way it sounds 😉

499Block:Such a promising project! Who are your competitors? Why do you think you can stand out from your competitors?

Anthony:It absoultely is!

At this stage, too many blockchain gaming projects deploy sketchy methods and pyramid schemes. These projects' in-game tokens continue to grow in value until an influx of new users buy up assets and so any hope of making a profit dries up. Our team applies a different approach to blockchain game development. We develop far-reaching plans and scenarios that take years to unfold. Every quarter, we'll introduce something new to the metaverse to keep the game going and maintain the community’s level of interest.

SIDUS HEROES also encourages the broad utilization of its native tokens (even outside the game) to incentivize and reward players for the time and energy they spend playing. In the future, SIDUS HEROES plans on launching DeFi products and a launchpad. Players will participate in token sales of other projects according to their advancement within the game. The variety of additional DeFi products and services will attract more players to the game.

Another feature that makes SIDUS HEROES stand out is the utilization of WebGL technology in the platform’s architecture, which makes it accessible through a browser in a single click. To start playing, users just type in the game URL and press ‘PLAY’, no need to download an application onto their Android, iOS, PC or Mac. Thus, SIDUS HEROES becomes available to a larger audience. Users who have been previously priced out of blockchain gaming (along with its many earning opportunities) can now gain access to this world. No matter what device or platform is used, the game starts up anywhere as long as it has access to the internet. Not many game developers can say that about their product.

499Block:The utilities of SIDUS HEROES is really clear, and compared to other projects, Sidus's advantages are also obvious.
So the third question: What is the current progress of Sidus? Can you share it with us?

Anthony:That’s for sure.

SIDUS HEROES is already available in test mode (You could check it out yourself here :

We released a pre-alpha demo version of the metaverse in October 2021. In the pre-alpha game, users can explore the SIDUS Central Station, choose between several Heroes and test them out in the Battle Arena.

Now, the team is preparing for the Initial DEX Offering scheduled for December 15th and is working on the beta version coming up in January 2022.

499Block:Really look forward to the IDO! Next question: Many users are more concerned about the ecosystem of Sidus. Can you tell us what the ecosystem of Sidus is like?

Anthony:That’s a long topic, will try making it short for everyone.

So the SIDUS HEROES metaverse goes beyond being just a blockchain game. It unites a game, an official in-game marketplace, two NFT collections (Academy and Genesis), SIDUS Farming and SIDUS Starter.

You already know about the game. The SIDUS marketplace is the official in-game marketplace where players will be able to buy and sell Heroes, modules, artifacts, resources and other in-game items. All transactions will be conducted in SIDUS HEROES’ native tokens - the SIDUS or the SENATE.

SIDUS Farming is a staking service that enables holders of SIDUS’ native tokens to multiply their holdings.

SIDUS Starter is a launchpad that will empower users with the means to raise funds for their in-game projects. It's a place where players will have the chance to pitch their idea and find like-minded Heroes to help them realize it within the game.

Then there are also two NFT collections - SIDUS: NFT Heroes (the Genesis collection) and the SIDUS Academy NFT collection. Both collections play an important role. The SIDUS HEROES game can only be accessed by holders of NFTs from the Genesis or the Academy collections. The initial SIDUS: NFT Heroes collection consists of 6,000 unique Heroes that have different levels of rarity. Each NFT from the collection serves as an entrance ticket to the SIDUS metaverse. Besides that, NFT Heroes from the Genesis collection can be used for NFT staking and NFT wrapping. The Academy NFT collection was created for the sole purpose of allowing users to enter the SIDUS gaming metaverse.

THat will give you a brief explanation of the ecosystem.

499Block:Definitely, such an amazing platform that aggregate everything! Next question - How is the development route planning of Sidus?

Anthony:We have a detailed 5-year roadmap that contains key milestones for each quarter. Anyone interested in the project and the goals we are aiming for can go to the SIDUS HEROES website, under the 'Documents' section and see the detailed roadmap.

We'll be sticking to it and hitting each milestone but at the same time, we will listen to the community and their preferences. One of the ways for players to influence development is by participating in Council elections or putting forward issues for the Council to discuss.

499Block:Now we have the last official question for the Sidus, audiences can prepare for your own questions. The last official question - Is there any news that can be shared with us in the near future?

Anthony:The biggest news coming in the near future is the launch of the beta version of the game! The SIDUS HEROES team is preparing to launch a closed beta version on January 10th (available only to holders of NFT Heroes from the Genesis NFT collection) and is opening the game up to the public on January 23rd.

Nothing can be bigger than the actual game’s launch.

499Block:How you maintain and stabilize the native token price?

Anthony:Good one.

To begin with, as game developers as well as crypto specialists, we know that nothing can make the market as good as the player itself.

That’s why when making SIDUS HEROES we have decided to make the game as interactive as possible without having property abuse just like the other project have - What I mean by that is selling in-game items for fundraising and ruining the game for the newcomers since the scores with such an enormous boost will be unreachable.

By making so much interest as well as impressive gameplay- all players will want to always reinvest their rewards given out in SIDUS tokens to get even to the higher scores and get higher rewards later on, which creates an infinite utility.

On the other side, we are on the same wave with all of the other KOLs and VCs in order not to put any selling pressure on the token. We have even decided to cut some of them if there was even a bit of uncertainty there.

Of course, there will be 2 tokens - SENATE, the governance token as well as SIDUS - in-game token.

We have a strong strategy for both tokens, these are just the basics

499Block:Look forward to more updates of the Sidus in the future! Thanks to Anthony for sharing!