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7 min readDec 16, 2021


499Block:So now our ama will officially start. Before that, we ask @Adward_Russell to make a short introduction before we go to the questions.

Adward Russell:Thanks host, I am the community leader of Dontplaywithkitty.io. Nice to be here.

Dontplaywithkitty is a popular decentralized platform for chain games, invested by the Nasdaq-listed company The9 Limited, and has just joined BSC’s MVB ecosystem. Launched on October 31, and since then, DPK platform’s NFT’s price has increased by 12 times. At present, DPK has launched the first game Pet Garden, and will launch a metaverse project Mine Planet in December and second game Brave World in January, 2022.

499Block:Great! Let’s start today’s question. What is the current progress of DPK? Can you share it with us?

Adward Russell:Of course, Now we have reached several milestones.

On September 23rd, KIT token was listed on Pancakeswap.

On October 31st, we started the sale of Kreatty NFTs.

On November 3th, the NFT Marketplace opened.

On November 6th, the first game on DPK platform, Pet Garden, was officially launched.

On December 6th, we started the pre-sale round 1 of Mineplanet NFT.

499Block:Moving on to the second question. How is the development route planning of DPK?

Adward Russell:Now we are trying our best to achieve two goals,the Staking function and the second game, Brave World. In our plan, staking will be launched at the end of December, and the second game will meet everyone in January, 2022.

499Block:That leads to the third question. Can you introduce DPK tokenomics?

Adward Russell:A good tokenomics is the foundation of all projects. In this regard, DPK platform adopts a mature and effective dual-token model, similar to Axie Infinity. First, let me share the latest official website tokenomics introduction.

KIT token: Utility token


DPK token: Governance token https://dontplaywithkitty.gitbook.io/dontplaywithkitty/2.-dpk-ecosystem-review/2.4-dpk-token

Everyone can check the details of our tokens. Anyone who has experienced many projects should be very clear that a single token is very easy to cause a crash in value, and the game is no exception. Let’s take a famous game, World of Warcraft as an example.

In the earliest stage, many people earned a large number of coins in the game, and also developed a coin trading system. However, as time goes by, more and more coins are produced, and more and more people are collecting coins, and the value of coins collapses in a straight line. Putting it in other games is the same.

The value of the token is very susceptible to the influence of the supply and demand in the game, so the game will die if there is a slight error. Investors generally don’t invest large amounts of in-game tokens. They focus on tokens that can have a long-term guarantee and are not affected by the in-game system. There are successful examples of this kind of token, like AXS, and there will also be DPK tokens.

The entire output of DPK token has almost nothing to do with the game, and therefore will not be impacted by a large number of in-game supply and demand, and the stability of the value is greatly guaranteed. On this basis, DPK will continue to repurchase and burn DPK token from half of the platform’s NFT trading market and various gas fees, so that the value of DPK token will steadily rise.

499Block:Very clear explanation! What is the biggest advantage of DPK? What makes DPK stand out?

Adward Russell:KEY POINT: DPK is a platform. The ability of a game to earn coins is limited. Such as Hearthstone Legend. These games were very violent at first, but when users found that the gaming experience couldn’t be improved even if they put in more, they would immediately plummet.

At this point, the chain game will die faster, because chain games are common and will not spend a lot of time on developing game content, and there are fewer people invested, not to mention the benefits. We want to deal with it with the method of continuously publishing games.

Different game types, incompatible content, and different gameplays will target different user groups. Whether it makes money or experience, there are more users willing to pay.

More games will attract more users, and more users will need more kitty NFTs to enter the game. If the demand for kitty NFT is high, players will give birth to more kitties. To give birth to kitties needs to consume KIT tokens, and the value of KIT tokens gets higher.

The higher the value of KIT token, the more people who are willing to enter the market, the more prosperous the kitty NFT trading market, the more active the market will produce more transaction fees, and the more transaction fees, the value of DPK tokens will also get higher.

The higher the value of the DPK tokens, the more games will be launched, and the more games launched will attract more users to enter the market.

This is the flywheel ecosystem of DPK. It is getting bigger and bigger. In this way, a good ecosystem is formed. The DPK chain game platform can also develop better. There are more and more games, more and more people, and higher and higher prices. The ecosystem becomes more and more complete.

499Block:Great analytics and deep insights of the industry! By comparing to other projects, DPK’s advangetes are really obivous! Moving on to the next question. What makes you so confident in your products?

Adward Russell:Reason: Partnerships. The9 Limited, Samsung Games’ Every Game, and various game guilds. From these investments, our team members and developers can find many good products and learn much useful experience.

So we can find many good games! It can be seen from the progress of the project’s development. Our launching speed of the first and the second game is much quicker than others. Everyone watch the game video. This is our first game

We will never allow our games to be shoddy. At the same time, the addition of FOMO Pay is also a great help to us.They will bring us more and more funds. Those all give us great confidence.

499Block:Awesome! Sounds really promising with all the partnerships and helps! Can you share more reasons why DPK deserves more attention?

Adward Russell:Yes, facts speak louder than words. For all of you here today, I just want to say the results are sufficient enough for everyone to judge when to join. When it first went on sale, 7000 Kreatty NFTs were all sold out within a few hours.

The launch price of Kreatty is 0.12 bnb. The average price in the last 7 days is 1.39 BNB. The highest price is already 10 BNB, which is 83 times that of the launched price! The pre-sold Planet NFT, total 1000 NFTs, the price is 1.5BNB, sold out in 11 minutes!

DPK has only been online for more than one month, the transaction volume has rushed to the 18th on the Dappradar total transaction ranking, and the NFT transaction amount of 4,500 BNB! Even one of the dual-token has not been listed yet.

Even the most inconspicuous KIT token has reached the highest price of more than 10 times than that of the launched price. This is the actual performance and strength of the project.

499Block:Very cool! Now we will ask the last official quesion before giving time to audiences. Will you bring any good news today?

Adward Russell:Yes, DPK token will be listed on pancakeswap on Dec. 21st!And at the same day We will hold our IDO events.


Quota:300000 USDT

IDO Time: 12/21 UTC 9:00–15:00



Quota: 200000 BUSD

IDO Time: 12/21 UTC 11:00–15:00

IDO Rules: https://docs.trustpad.io/trustpad/how-to-participate-in-an-ido#5c07


Quota: 50000 USDT

IDO Time: 12/21 UTC 12:00–15:00

IDO Rules:https://brandpad.gitbook.io/brandpad/faq


Quota: 50000 BUSD

IDO Time: 12/21 UTC 9:00–15:00

IDO Rules:https://roseon.finance/2021/11/19/participate-in-roseonpad-iaos-a-step-by-step-guide/

All the details here, and all the useful links:

Website: www.dontplaywithkitty.io/

Twitter: twitter.com/DPK_kreatties

Gitbook: dontplaywithkitty.gitbook.io/dontplaywithkitty/

Contract audit: www.certik.com/projects/dpk

KIT contract address: 0x580cf2c36b913228dd0194a833f0ead8938f18ae

NFT contract address: 0x8531acA7bab87fC953ADa1aFB7B1A89bB151B4d2

Telegram: t.me/dontplaywithkitty_global

Discord: discord.gg/aCzVmQTuPR





Github: github.com/dontplaywithkittyio/ERC721-DPK

Anyone interested could join us,Thanks, done.

499Block:Look forward to more updates of the DPK in the near future! Thanks to @Adward_Russell for sharing.