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HundredDAO — The First NFT-based DAO Organization in the World

499Block:Hi guys, today we are going to present a really good project called HundredDAO.

Federick:I’m super happy to be here with the community!

499Block:So now our ama will officially start. Before we go to the official questions, we ask @Federicki to make a short self-introduction and a brief into of the project!

Federick:I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of HundredDAO. I’ve been involved in the starting and building of HundredDAO from the first beginning. Our team has worked together for the past 7 years in the blockchain industry to provide decentralized solutions. We have a great team consisted of blockchain experts, talent technologists, preeminent designers, and excellent product managers.

HundredDAO is the first NFT-based DAO organization in the world. It is an organization of 10,000 eccentric collectors of Hundred NFT. The NFT serves as a membership certificate to HundredDAO and allows holders to share all the profits of NFT sales, transactions, upgrade, funds and game guild.

It is a completely open and transparent DAO organization with autonomy and continuous growth. The initial business sectors of HundredDAO are Hundred NFT, NFT Market, Hundred Guild, Hundred Fund and other functional modules.

I could go on a lot longer, but that is a high level overview.

499Block:Awesome, you said very clearly, and compared to other projects, HundredDAO's advantages are very obvious!Awesome, you said very clearly, and compared to other projects, HundredDAO's advantages are very obvious!

I know you’ve issued 500 NFTs to the community members, so let’s talk about the Hundred NFT.

Federick:Yes, that’s right. We’ve issued 500 NFTs to the community members for our airdrop campaign. Hundred NFT will overturn many people’s understanding of NFT. It has two important characters: GROWTH VALUE and LUCKY NUMBER.

The GROWTH VALUE represents your activities in the HundredDAO ecosystem, recorded digitally. The Hundred NFT will be upgraded to from R to SR if you reach 50 GROWTH VALUE, and SSR if you reach 100. It's the most important element in the order of DAO members. We mentioned that HundredDAO only has 100 SSR NFTs seats to participate in the final decision governance. Well, the 100 members are generated in the order of their dynamic GROWTH VALUE.

LUCKY NUMBER is the fun and randomness that HundredDAO sets for NFT upgrades for all users. Firstly, the normal NFT upgrade requires the LUCKY NUMBER to be divided exactly. Secondly, the user's activities on the platform will generate a random number. As long as the random number matches the LUCKY NUMBER of Hundred NFT, the NFT will be directly upgraded to SSR.

As a non-fungible token, we know NFT is special and unique, but that’s too boring. We don’t think NFT should always stay the same. NFT should also have a chance to evolve along with the organization.

499Block:You mentioned HundredDAO product layout previously. Can you explain it in detail?

Federick:Sure, Let me introduce you our business sectors again.


Federick:The initial planning of our business is divided into 4 sectors: Hundred NFT, NFT market, Hundred Guild and Hundred Funds.

As we have just mentioned, Hundred NFT is a functional and governance NFT issued by HundredDAO. It is not only a practical NFT for platform functions, but also an identity and equity certificate of HundredDAO organization. We set up NFT into three levels: R, SR, SSR(the rarest). Users holding SSR NFT will be qualified to enter DAO organization. R and SR NFT will be inherited a Growth value and a Lucky number. They can be leveled up to SSR NFT by multiple ways.

Hundred Market: It is a secondary trading market for NFT. It can be used to freely trade Hundred NFT.

Hundred Guild will be one of our main businesses. It is a blockchain game integration platform, providing players with a unified game gateway and a strong service system, so that players can really enjoy a ” play to earn” experience.

Hundred Funds use smart contracts to manage the funds of HundredDAO, so as to truly make the funds transparent and credible.

499Block:Awesome! Now we got a better understanding of the HundredDAO ecosystem! Now let's move to the next official question.

As we all know blockchain game is a hot topic recently. I am curious about how does your Hundred Guild work?

Federick:This is a great question. I’d like to share with you the pain points of the present blockchain games before answering your question.

1) High cost

As more and more blockchain games are developed, the choice for users and the cost of games are getting higher and higher. When you find a blockchain game, you need to hold the corresponding NFT to participate in the game, as well as some game tokens as a value circulation in the game. People needs to purchase a variety of NFTs, making them suffer from the high cost of both funds and management.

2) Holding risk

The NFT market changes fast. People buy NFT to enter the game, but after a period of time they may face the situation that the price of NFT falls below the launch price. Sometimes, as the game progresses, more and more NFTs are minted, causing their price keep going down or the NFTs cannot be sold.

Take the above problems into consideration, Hundred Guild has designed a sophisticated mechanism for these pain points in blockchain games. The guild will build a dedicated game NFT staking-rental sector. Users simply need to hold Hundred NFTs as stakes to get a variety of game NFTs in the guild and play without worrying about the value risks of NFTs. The guild will set up a dedicated fund pool and risk control system to stabilize the value of NFT and ensure that players can truly PLAY TO EARN.

499Block:Sounds good! Now we have the last official question before free-questions section!Would you like to share with us the latest updates of HundredDAO?

Federick:Yeah, I'd love to.

Since HudnredDAO’s launching, we’ve got many supports and attention, I’d also like to share some data here:

Communities: >100K members

Airdrop: 500 Hundred NFTs issued

Whitelist: >50K addresses

AMA: In 5 well-known communities

Products: Mint, Market and Wrap are developed

Hundred Market and Hundred NFT’s level-up function are both under testing and will be launched soon. Our Hundred NFT now are successfully minted and we will open our public sale on 8th, January.

We hereby welcome all 499 community members to join our public sale event. If you are on our whitelist, you will have special discount and other secret surprise.

499Block:Look forward to more updates of the HundredDAO in the near future! Thanks to @Federicki for sharing, I will turn off the mute function. Now it’s time for audiences to ask a few questions. The guest will pick up 5 lucky members's questions to answer and issue rewards🥳

Lil:Hi HundredDao team, can I know why are you called HundredDao? Is there any special meaning?

Federick:This is an interesting question.The name of HundredDAO really reflects the essence of our project. The whole project is a DAO organization established by 100 core members who all dedicate to it. DAO members come from all over the world. They finally get together to create such a meaningful project.

Why 100? We are not looking for everyone, but we need like-minded representatives to promote the HundredDAO and make it grow healthily.This is also our product concept, one in a hundred, achieving 100% career.

YHl:I see that my airdrop NFT has a growth value and a lucky value. What do they mean and how they work?

Federick:I've explained the GROWTH VALUE and LUCKY NUMBER previously. But I'd love to explain again. GROWTH VALUE represents your activities in the HundredDAO ecosystem, which are recorded in digital form. GROWTH VALUE has two main functions. First, its value is used for hundred NFT’s level-up. When your GROWTH VALUE reaches 50, your NFT will be leveled up to L2 (SR) NFT, and when your GROWTH VALUE reaches 100, your NFT will be leveled up to L1 (SSR). Second: it is the most important reference factor in the ranking of DAO members. We mentioned before that our HundredDAO has only 100 SSR NFTs which holders will have the right take part in the final decision-making process and governance authority. Members hold the top 100 GROWTH VALUE NFT will be our DAO members.

The LUCKY NUMBER is random set and adds more fun to the level-up process for Hundred NFTs. Firstly, the normal level up process for Hundred NFT needs the successful addition and division of LUCKY NUMBER. Secondly, users' activities on the HudnredDAO platform will also generate a random number. When this random number matches the LUCKY NUMBER of your NFT, the NFT will be directly level up to SSR.

Please join our Hundred NFT public mint on Jan 8, and you will get the chance to be a DAO member if you get an SSR NFT.

For SR and SSR NFTs, in addition to the various level-up ways I mentioned above, they are also the tickets for enjoying the high-level functions of HudnredDAO platform.

The holder will enjoy many privileged services, which will be gradually announced in the HundredDAO’s developing process.