KSPC, an Integrated Platform for Providing Life, Tech, Culture, and Content Based on Membership

4 min readDec 3, 2021

Topic: KSPC, an Integrated Platform for Providing Life, Tech, Culture, and Content Based on Membership

Guest: Demian Lee,Business Development Leader of KSPC Foundation

Host: Allison,Coin&Coin Overseas Market Development Manager

Time: 2021.12.2 17:00(UTC+8)

Project: KSPC is a blockchain that strives to create a practical blockchain. In fact, we are building an online shopping mall where we can use cryptocurrency, and the beta version has already been released. The finished version will be available for you at the end of April. Let me show you some screenshots just to give you idea of what’s coming!

Question Outline

1. I heard that KSPC has its own wallet. How can I access my wallet and what can we use it for?

Yes! KSPC has made its own wallet and already has many users. It is web-based for

your convenience, so both Android and iPhone users can use our wallets anytime, 、

anywhere. You can access it at https://kspcwallet.com/!

Please note that you can change the UI language to English at the top right.

KSPC wallet is currently available for users to send and receive KSPC tokens in real

time, and are very convenient to participate in various events such as Airdrop events

and purchase events. You will be able to experience the KSPC token being transmitted

from the network at a very high speed.

However, on the platform that will be released at the end of April next year, wallets will

be installed in the app, and wallets will be available with shopping malls! You will be

able to receive cashback for shopping as well as staking. We are also very excited

about the plan under development.

2. Why did KSPC decide to be listed on Hotbit?

Hotbit is a very large trading exchange among global cryptocurrency

exchanges. Traders with various trading characteristics come from various

countries. In addition, KSPC is recognized by many users through marketing.

I believe that if KSPC users and Hotbit exchange users unite together, and

use Hotbit’s rapid trading system and faster and more convenient UI than any

other exchange, we will be able to spend a very long fun and pleasant journey

with you. In particular, we are preparing very cool and amazing plans,

including platform development, so you can look forward to it.

3. Tell me more about your thoughts on listing on Hotbit. What does it mean to your business?

KSPC considers listing on the Hotbit Exchange very important. This is

because Hotbit can greatly expand the community and invite potential users

of our platform, just like 499 community does.

Tokens are not everything in the blockchain business. Tokens are like blood

or catalysts to build an ecosystem of blockchain platforms and revitalize

them. No matter how much the price of KSPC is, it will be able to use tokens

freely. Of course, I don’t know if there are people who can’t trust this system

yet, but you can. The platform we build is an innovative platform that reflects

the price of tokens in real time on the exchange price, allowing you to enjoy

shopping and participate in staking regardless of the price of tokens.

4. So we understand that your platform is under active development. Very exciting! What is the biggest advantage it offers?

It’s hard to pick one thing up. Because it provides a lot of advantages. First of

all, one of the biggest advantages is that you can use our platform online and

offline. If you issue coupons at the shopping mall, you can earn KSPC points

by scanning coupons. You can participate in staking program or change the

points to KSPC tokens. There are no platforms yet where these systems have

been implemented practically. KSPC will greatly expand its platform

operations based on partners and businesses in various industries. As users

increase and partners increase, the value of tokens will also increase. This is

the biggest advantage of using our KSPC platform and tokens.

5. How do you plan to manage the price of the token?

Numerous users and traders on the Hotbit exchange are expected to have a great

impact on prices. However, of course, it is popular, and as the number of KSPC users increases, it will have a good effect on the price. In this sense, KSPC has many fandom in wallets and shopping malls. Of course, these users can never sell tokens on Hotbit. Currently, users’ tokens are thoroughly managed. Buyers and traders who purchase tokens for the first time on Hotbit can be seen as preoccupying the benefits of KSPC tokens’ prices.

We will put as much effort into maintaining the price by attracting as many users of the platform as possible and increasing the volume of transactions by raising various


6. What kind of events are you planning? Is there an event that users can participate in right away?

There are many events waiting for us. There are many other events besides community participation events, purchase events, and platform beta version open events. The events you can participate in right now are buying events and community participation events! A lot of Airdrops are waiting.

You can participate in the community by clicking the link below and hear about various events!