Layer Zero Solution Sitting at the Foundation of SPL Ecosystem

5 min readJul 31, 2021

499Block:Hello Adam! Good to have you with us today.😍

Adam:Hi everybody!

499Block:So now our ama will officially start. Before that, we ask @Adam_Solminter to make a short self-introduction.

Adam:Hello everybody! Adam here, the CEO of Solminter. I was an early adopter of Crypto and I firmly believe that the capabilities of blockchain is the future. Something I’ve always tried to do is to be part of projects that allows the community to grow together, and one of the biggest issues I had was that I have no background in tech. Which is why I’m so excited about Solminter, because it allows everyone the ability to participate in the ecosystem with as little hassle as possible.

Some people have been confused about my background, as I come from advertising and music production, but I think that’s just the beauty of Crypto, everyone can be a part of it! Thank you for having me here today! Hope to answer some good questions! 😁

499Block:That was Impressive experience! Such a diverse background of blockchain industry! Great, then let’s start today’s questions of Solminter!

What problems does Solminter improve in the blockchain industry and what new changes will it bring?

Adam:Solminter solves one key issue : up to now project founders rely on a big tech team to bring their ideas to life. Solminter allows any project founder to, in matters of minutes, choose an audited SPL token template and successfully launch it on Solana.

If you watch the YouTube video where I explain how easy it is to create or customize your tokens, you’ll realise what I mean!

Please excuse my super long hair. We’re still in lockdown here in Malaysia haha.

499Block:Sounds good! Let’s move to the next question!

What distinguishes Solminter from other solutions ?

Adam:Well Solminter is currently a unique solution on Solana, we have no competitors. Currently the only easy-to-use SPL token minting dashboard on Solana is Solminter.

Beyond being a minting dashboard, users can fully manage their minted token : customise, lock, distribute, burn and vest portions of their minted supply — you’ll see in the YouTube video I linked above.As of right now, founders can choose from 1 of 3 SPL token templates : Governance model, Reflect token model and Safemoon token model.

In other words, we’re unique and we make things super easy!

499Block:What a promising project of Solminter! Why do you choose Solana?

Adam:For those who don’t know, Solidity is a wide-spread coding language within the blockchain space, tech teams are already familiar with this language and projects can easily find Solidity experts. However Rust, on which Solana decentralised applications are built, is not as common in the blockchain space, hence the need for Solminter.

That plus “Solana Season” coming, a lot of new projects are looking to build on Solana, Solminter accelerates the building time and reduces costs for projects.

499Block:Awesome! To be honest, I can’t wait to learn more about Solminter. How is the development of Solminter going ? Are there any IDO plans ?

Adam:Solminter development is going great! We’re proud to communicate that our product will be more than ready on day 1, no waiting or delays. And yes we have an IDO planned in the coming weeks on We are yet to set a fixed date, but know that we will be the first IDO on 😁Watch this space, the IDO will be announced on @solminter_ann.

499Block:Why did you choose Intersola?

Adam:Actually we were initially approached by other Solana IDO platforms to do our IDO, but all of them besides have delayed launches (unknown time). Also we have first hand information from the team that their IDO launchpad will launch early August, as we are ready to launch, that made us take our decision.

The intersola team is super great! And we’ve been working closely with them over the past few weeks.Also, we pushed our relationship further than simply doing an IDO on their platform. Solminter will provide a natural bridge for proejcts founders to so they build awareness to investors and obtain liquidity from contributors.

Shoutout to the Intersola team! They’ve been doing great work and we’re lucky to be working with them.

499Block:Great explanation, you said very clearly! Can the community purchase the token before the IDO ?

Adam:We’re verrry close to ending our Private round, but if anybody wants to participate, you can use this link.

Do note that private round investors are carefully examined by the team yeah

499Block:When will SMTR list and where ?

Adam:SMTR will list shortly after the IDO on on Serum. All dates will be announced on our official social channels.Do join our TG groups so you get first hand information!

499Block:What is Solminter’s next development plan and focus?

Adam:Oh wow. We have a lot in the pipelines haha. Some of our future developments would be.

An ERC20 to SPL bridge.

NFT minting on Solana

And trading tools and analytics

Among others

499Block:How can we stay up to date on the latest Solminter features and developments?

Adam:Well I’ve mentioned a couple of ways above, but to sum it all up here.You can join the SolMinter community at

499Block:This is the last official question of Solminter.When can users start minting SPL tokens through Solminter ?

Adam:As soon as we launch! 😁We are super proud to say that we will have a working product on launch. Our IDO will be early August, listing will be shortly after. Once both are done, the product will launch! I can safely say that before the 15th of August, all 3 of those milestones will be achieved.

499Block:Look forward to more updates of the Solminter project in the future! Thanks to Adam for sharing.