ONSTON — Multi-metaverse

5 min readFeb 18, 2022


MIKI:Hi Guys, today we are going to present ONSTON, a very exciting project that we are all curious about! Now our AMA session is about to start, first of all, let us warmly welcome our guest of the day! Hi , Would you make a self-intro before we go to the questions?

Hwan Sup Lee:Hello, This is Hwan Sup Lee. I worked as an in-house professor at SK Telecom and a professor in the mobile MBA course at Kookmin University Graduate School of Business. I am an IT expert with 27 years of experience who has carried out development projects related to big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain technology more than 130 times. I majored in mathematics at Hanyang University Graduate School.

MIKI:Metaverse has become more popular with the COVID-19. What do you think of the Metaverse project after the COVID-19 is overcome in the future?

Flora Fang:The pandemic itself just opened up a window for metaverse, but in order for the metaverses to sustain, we need to design better in-game mechanisms, with good play-to-earn strategy for users to stick on to the games, regardless COVID.

A healthy ecosystem with good tokenomics design, where players can have profit while having fun in the metaverses. At the same time, the games or metaverses must create a much bigger value for traditional businesses to attract users that are not from crypto world to enter and participate, bringing on new business opportunities for all.

MIKI:Gamefi featuring Play to earn has been going on for more than a year. What do you think the prospects of this market and why?

Hwan Sup Lee:ONSTON team expects to increase the P2E game market.

Many people are interested in NFT right now, and the most attention blockchain part is P2E games based on NFT. The biggest difference between other games is that they are using new business models, such as introducing NFT based on blockchain to decentralize and creating NFT exchanges to trade them to obtain transaction fees.

In the progress of enjoying P2E games, there are many limited to earn profits. However, through these days P2E games, we can get Token which we change to cash. Also, using market place, users can enjoy more comfortable trading and using their NFT. It makes to do more easily finance activities.

Because of this, People who enjoy playing games purchase items in the NFT store. Also, some activities, and difference fees when trading their NFT generate revenue for users.

In this P2E progress, the company can earn money through commission. Also, their game program to be famous, their tokens price will be also increased.

In addition, blockchain-based P2E games are serviced internationally, so the development of P2E can reduce the difference in global GDP. This can even be expected to have the effect of an active economic cycle in reality.

Due to this structure and high profit, We believe that continue to develop the P2E market in the future.

MIKI:What new elements and gameplay does ONSTON want to bring to this market? Compared with previous projects on the same track, what are the main differences?

Hwan Sup Lee:ONSTON wants to open the new world of Metaverse that is a multi-metaverse.

ONSTON hopes that users will get happy results in both reality and virtual world. The goal of games enjoyed on the metaverse is to provide an environment where users can asset the results of play when they want.

The main difference compared to previousprojects is that ONSTON’s virtual asset items can be exchanged and managednaturally with items from other metaverses. Users can enjoy uninterruptednatural services as if using a single metaverse.

Ultimately, ONSTON metaverse aims to unifyall metaverses without alienating them to create a different metaverse neverimagined before.

MIKI:What can players do in ONSTON? Do users need to prepare VR equipment to participate in ONSTON’s games and ecology?

Hwan Sup Lee:In ONSTON, players can create a space they want, decorate it in their own style, and obtain virtual assets while playing games. You can also get an opportunity to share and realize new ideas while communicating with global users.

In the coming future, ONSTON team will support our own VR technology to use VR players to enjoy our metaverse. Even you do not have a VR device, you can also enjoy our metaverse. But If you have a VR player, you can have a more realistic experience with our metaverse.

MIKI:How is ONSTON’s token designed? What are the application scenarios of the token?

Hwan Sup Lee:ONSTON tokens are designed to be used as key currency in the multi-metaverse ecosystem. It is elaborately connected to the economic activities of ONSTON metaverse, and users who participate in these activities are serviced based on the Play to Earn model to receive appropriate compensation.

MIKI:The key to allowing users to continue to play to earn is the balance between the supply and demand of tokens. How will ONSTON achieve this goal?

Hwan Sup Lee:ONSTON tokens can be used to perform quests or obtain tokens through various activities.

These economic activities in the metaverse will increase the number of users, and advertisers who want to advertise to these users will be able to pay ONSTON and advertise.

With this basic trend, metaverse economy will be maintained, high-quality games based on Play to Earn will be provided, and with the response of users, ONSTON metaverse will expand and develop more stably

And ONSTON is not just the same as other P2E games.

To create NFT, people need some onstontoken and material in our metaverse. Material can be get from the mining Zone.User supply and demand the material in a mining zone, purchase in themarketplace, or p2p trading.

Increasing the ONSTON metaverse, manypeople want to demand the material. In this progress, people who want to getprofit are able to sell their materials which supply from the mining zone.

The material price will be determined bythe market. However, to protect minimal value for material, the ONSTONfoundation will also buy it. It means even that the price will be decided bythe market, but ONSTON foundation will buy users’ materials to protect thatprice. To get ONSTON, users can sell their material using the p2p system orregister in the market place, or sell to foundation.

MIKI:Now we have the last official question for the ONSTON, audiences can prepare for your own questions. What is ONSTON’s current development plan?

Hwan Sup Lee:ONSTON’s unique metaverse platform is being developed that allows you to create and manage 3D avatars that are basically used to use ONSTON metaverses and to engage in economic activities in metaverse spaces.

A beta version of Metaverse is expected to be released in Q2, and an arcade game with P2E elements is also being prepared for release.

ONSTON team keeps working hard to follow our roadmap, and we look forward to showing our metaverse to the ONSTON community as soon as it is completed.