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3 min readJul 22, 2021

499Block:now our ama will officially start. Before that, we ask @bozena to make a short self-introduction~

Bozena:Sure! My name is Bozena Rezab, I am co-founder and CEO of GAMEE. I am excited about building consumer tech and entertainment products. With a team of 20 people, we have built a global gaming community of 25M registered players. Last year, we joined Animoca Brands family.

499Block:That was Impressive experience, great! Then let’s start today’s theme. What’s the GAMEE platform and what users does it focus on?

Bozena:GAMEE is an entertainment platform that recognizes and rewards players effort, skill and loyalty. We focused on casual-style games that are easy to learn and hard to master. Last year, we introduced the first play-to-earn experiment on current free-to-play experience, so that we share part of our revenue back with gamers as rewards. The response is overwhelmingly positive. We see a strong growth in both audience and revenue. Now we are looking how to take this play-to-earn concept to a next level, with GMEE token in the core of the experience.

499Block:Awesome! Such a promising project of GAMEE platform.

What are the core products in the GAMEE ecosystem?

Bozena:We have a free-to-play mobile app & web app with mass audience, where users play games, complete missions and earn prizes. You can check it on Play Store, App Store or

At this moment, we are working on a new product, Arc8 by GAMEE, that focuses on players skill in games, has a strong play-to-earn element and many casual style games in one app.

With Arc8, the core of the product is powered by GMEE token. Arc8 will also feature games characters as NFTs, that will enabnle its owner to earn more rewards.

We will introduce Arc8 soon and there is a LOT to be excited about.

499Block:Great, to be honest, I can’t wait to learn more about GAMEE.

What is the utility of the GMEE token?

Bozena:In the first phase, GMEE token is a currency of purchase & reward inside GAMEE platform. Players will use it to enter tournaments, purchase & upgrade game character NFTs. Prizes will be in GMEE.

499Block:Can users earn GMEE tokens with your games?

Bozena:Yes! Soon GMEE will be introduced as additonal prize in our current app, the idea is to invite our current audience and onboard them to crypto:) Also in Arc8, all prize pools are in GMEE token. Our audience loves play-to-earn concept, so we are doubling down on it.

499Block:Interesting! You have a massive gaming audience, how do you plan to onboard them into the crypto experience?

Bozena:Our current audience is used to play games & earn prizes. We will be experimenting in prizes in crypto, so there is a motivation to claim it, open a wallet. Moreover, the earned GMEE prizes will be used in a new product directly, so this is two in one. Onboarding audience to crypto and inviting them to a new product.

499Block:Great explanation, you said very clearly!

What’s coming next for GAMEE in the second half of the year?

Bozena:First half of the year was launch of token, second half is all about a new product. Arc8 by GAMEE is coming soon! We will also introduce our G-Bots NFTs this year, they will work as game characters in Arc8 games & help owners earn more rewards. This is definitely a time to watch us!

499Block:Play to earn, do you think it’s going to grow into the next big thing?

Bozena:Play to earn is very compelling. If you give people a choice to play games they like and earn rewards, they will most likely listen. So I think play to earn is going to be one of the key ways to get people to try blockchain games.

499Block:Looking forwards to more updates of GAMEE in the future! Thanks to @bozena_rezab for sharing,

Bozena:Thank you everyone for such a nice AMA and hope to see you on GAMEE!