Qredo Token to List on KuCoin and Gate.io

QRDO trading will commence on KuCoin and Gate.io on August 31st at 12PM UTC, followed by the introduction of new QRDO staking functionality and validator buybacks.

British Virgin Islands, 26th August 2021 — Decentralized digital asset infrastructure provider Qredo has announced the first public listing of Qredo Token (QRDO) on leading digital asset exchanges KuCoin and Gate.io. Qredo has also launched its QRDO Auto-Staking feature through which all QRDO held on Qredo Network will earn 10.1% APY yield.

Trading of QRDO/ETH and QRDO/USDT pairs on both platforms will commence on August 31st at 12PM UTC. In addition to the QRDO listing, Qredo is collaborating with both KuCoin and Gate.io to conduct innovative listing campaigns, including:

  • KuCoin will make QRDO tokens available to mine through staking USDT, KCS and ETH on the BurningDrop platform, with registrations opening at 10:00 UTC on August 27th through to 10:00 UTC on August 28th. The staking period starts from August 29th and ends on September 18th. Register on KuCoin.
  • Gate.io will initially distribute QRDO via the Startup Free Airdrop Program on August 31st at 4am-10am UTC. Results will be announced at 11am UTC. Register on Gate.io.

The listings follow a highly oversubscribed token sale which raised a total of $35M from public and private investors including Nexo and Coinbase. Through its listing on Kucoin and Gate.io, Qredo Token will be available for the first time on mainstream exchanges, making it available to a larger pool of investors.

Full details of our listing strategy are here.

In addition to the listings, Qredo is announcing two powerful new features:

  • QRDO Auto-Staking — All QRDO held on Qredo Network will automatically earn a monthly staking income of 10.1% APY.
  • Qredo Validator Buy-Back Program — The Qredo Network’s validators have committed to carrying out a monthly buyback programme in which Qredo Validators use their network income (collected in L1 assets) to purchase more QRDO from secondary markets.

Looking forward, QRDO will be at the center of Qredo’s journey to decentralization and used for governance along with incentivizing network activity to fuel an engine of rapid adoption and growth.

About KuCoin
KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for over 400 digital assets. It currently provides spot, margin, futures trading, and staking and lending to eight million users in 207 countries and regions around the world. According to CoinMarketCap, KuCoin is currently the sixth biggest crypto exchange.

About Gate.io
Gate.io is a one-stop-shop for spot, margin trading, futures, perpetual contracts, staking, C2C loans, options, and DeFi. It currently enables blockchain enthusiasts to trade and store assets in over 470 of the leading cryptocurrencies for over 4 million users from over 150 countries.




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