The Importance of The Underlying Business in The Crypto World

2 min readJul 22, 2021


499Block:Our ama will officially start. Before that, we ask Allan Klepfisz to make a short self-introduction.

Allan Klepfisz:Sure. I am Allan Klepfisz. I do a few jobs at FENIX. One of them is CEO. :)

499Block:Great! then let’s start today’s theme. Why did you start FENIX?

Allan Klepfisz:To improve the financial and lifestyle situation of musicians.

499Block:How has it evolved ?

Allan Klepfisz:GOOD QUESTION! We have now embraced all types of artists and are currently testing the tools on a more general audience as preparation for launching a more engaging, more creative, social media platform.

499Block:Impressive! What do you see as the potential of the China market?

Allan Klepfisz:In one word, ENORMOUS. China is an early adopter of new online platforms and all indications are that FENIX will grow like wildfire in China. We already have close to 100 FENIX GLOBAL AMBASSADORS from China.

499Block:Awesome! Now, let’s move to the next question.

Does the situation of the artist differ much from region to region?

Allan Klepfisz:Not at all. In all countries and regions, the situation of most artists is very dire. There are millions of artists that might do much better with FENIX. We hope to find each other.

499Block:Great explanation! Next question.What stage are you at now? We are testing the APP and expect to launch around the world in August, 2021

Allan Klepfisz:Thatr’s exactly right. Testing among 5000 art-dedicated people and BLAST-OFF in August

499Block:When will the China APP launch? Shortly after the world app- probably September 2021

Allan Klepfisz:YES!!!

499Block:Is there a need for another social media platform?

Allan Klepfisz:Absolutely. I think that notwithstanding people’s social media addictions, many are looking for something new and more engaging.

499Block:What are the key differences of FENIX to everybody else?

Allan Klepfisz:We put the artist FIRST, FIRST, FIRST and are also obsessively focused on the consumer experience.

499Block:The last question. What exchanges will FENIX be listed?

Allan Klepfisz:We are listed on COINSUPER. And TODAY we are announcing that starting FRIDAY we are trading on BITTREX.