Why Element Is Worthy of Attention?

4 min readJul 27, 2021

499Block:now our ama will officially start. Before that, we ask @bite_wang to make a short self-introduction.

Bite:My name is Bite, global manager of Element, i am so happy enter 499 Block community. We’re the Element team. Element is an NFT marketplace founded by Fred Wang, who is chairman of Linekong (HK. 8267), founder of Mars Finance and the founding partner of Geek Founders.

499Block:Great, then let’s start today’s theme. What is element project? What about elements team members?

Bite:The Element team, led by SIG and Dragonfly Capital, is backed by Dragon Roark, Ince Capital and Sequoia Capital. Element is a creator-friendly marketplace, mainly reflected in the low transaction fees, especially no Gas fee.

Moreover, Element aggregates all NFT assets on the blockchain, and everyone can Free mint and publish their own NFTs in Element. In short, it can be understood as “Google+ eBay” based on the NFT world of blockchain. All NFTs can be found, all people can sell NFTs.

499Block:That’s pretty legit! When Element will be official launched?

Bite:Element is set to launch at the end of July. In this connection, the Element operations team has prepared a series of “Genesis Constellation Badges” to all community contributors and NFT enthusiasts.

499Block:Awesome! Is there token plan for Element project?


This issue is also a concern for manypeople. Element focus on project itself development. There are no plans to issue a token currently, but there may be in coming several months. Stay tuned for the official announcement. Only a good project can feed the ecology.

499Block:Now let’s move to the next question. What is the Element badge and what does it do?

Bite:The pin tweet is from our recently launched giveaway. Very high number of participants.

“Element Atlas” is a Genesis constellation badge released by Element.

“NFT for all” is the idea behind the Element marketplace, where human nature and digital creation collide and everyone can be the creator of NFT.

The mosaic style of the digital world collides with the 12 signs of the zodiac, which represent the nature of human beings, and this gives birth to the “Element Atlas”.

As we can see above pic, the 12 signs of the zodiac are the oldest form of astrology, and the stars in the sky represent different mythologies and reflect the different personalities of human beings. So the richness of NFT pieces is due to creator’s their own diverse personalities.

They are all the badges we giveaway now.

499Block:How do we Participate in?

Bite:It is very simple, we have 3 tasks, do any of these 3 can obtain badge.

Task 1: Invite 10 people to join the Element Telegram

(https://t.me/elementenglish) community to claim 1 badge.

Task 2: Follow the official twitter(https://twitter.com/Element_Market) then retweet & tag 5 friends & like to get 1 badge.

Task 3: Forward the below poster to Wechat’s moment or 50 communities to get 1 badge.

fianlly, fill out the following form after completing the task:


499Block:What are Element social platforms?

Bite:Currently element is more focused on Twitter and Telegram.

Official twitter:


This is Element official Twitter.


EN: https://t.me/elementenglish

CH: https://t.me/Element_community

Above link is a telegram in English andChinese

In addition, we will post the latest newson medium


Why Element is worthy of attention frommany famous Capitals


Element Genesis Constellation Badges


In addition, we are actively building thediscord community.

Currently, we then think about how we canget users more actively involved in

499Block:Cool, Look forward to more updates of element project in the future! Thanks to @bite_wang for sharing.